Our Physarum review!

Our review explores the physical aspects of this fascinating unicellular, from cell and fluid mechanics to network properties and behavior. Annu. Rev. Condens. Matter Phys. 2024. 15:263–89

Vein dynamics explained.

A colossal piece on vein dynamics in #Physarum. Veins spontaneously shrink or grow to increase nutrient spread. But since Physarum has no brain, how does it know which veins to shrink? eLife 12:e78100.

Cool documentary of our lab.

Cool documentary showing our labs. “Schlaue Tiere – verblüffte Forscher”, The trailer can be found here. Thanks to @AdrianBuchl!

Pore space governs transport.

We discovered how pore space geometry impacts transport of substances through fluids. #PorousMedia #IonBatteries #BloodVessels #BiologicalNetworks Nat Commun 13, 5885 (2022)