Cordelia Berz received a bachelor’s degree from TU Berlin in 2018. Her bachelor’s project at the University of St Andrews studied thin-film encapsulations of organic light-emitting diodes to promote their use as a light source in optogenetics – an emerging technique in neuroscience to achieve light-based control of cell behavior. During her bachelor’s, Cordelia did a 3-month internship at EPFL Lausanne, where she worked on increasing the field of view of an instant structured illumination microscope (iSIM) and simulating the iSIM. Cordelia did her M.Sc. at TUM (AEP). She modeled and simulated the vascular network of snakes. In particular, she investigated the specific requirements of the network’s architecture due to the ability of snakes to see in the infrared. In addition, she is studying philosophy at LMU with a particular interest in formal epistemology, logic, and philosophy of language.