Onurcan Bektas studied Physics and Mathematics during his bachelor’s. In 2019, he joined the groups of Dr. Omer Ilday and Dr. Serim Ilday to work on the universality features of dissipative self-assembly systems. Being fascinated by the physical systems exhibiting life-like behaviors, in 2020, he joined Max Planck School Matter to Life program at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. In the same year, He also interned with Dr. Steffen Rulands at the Max Planck Institute of Physics of Complex Systems to study the physics of machine learning models. In 2021, he jointly joined the group of Dr. Karen Alim and Dr. Joachim Rädler to complete his lab rotations and master’s thesis.


Phone: +49 89 289-12193
Homepage: https://onurcanbektas.gitlab.io/